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Manon Planche | London Fashion Week A/W 2019

Drawing inspiration from observations of alternative methods of transport and their existential operators; the collection takes you on a ride to the next galaxy. From custom motorcycles, to drag racing cars and vintage jet skis - Planche’s creations are influenced by unthinkable activities, conducted by equally daring people; as daring as those who wear the designs.

Manon Planche returns to themes of transport with aerobatics. Pieces are inspired by the smoke trails and dynamic flight paths, translated in prints and fabrics. The fabric is twisted and gathered around the body; following winding directions of plane manoeuvres. A mix of printed silk and organza creates draped silhouettes, replicating clouds, smoke and the sky.

Heavier pieces stem from materials and metals, sparking standout shiny textures. These pieces reflect the plane outer construction which is made of rectangular metal sheets that are curved and riveted together. Some pieces are also inspired by the cockpit and the wings of the planes. Finally, panelling is used throughout on the pieces to reference the classic pilots' outfits.

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